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A Woodland Escape in the Heart of Devon


Our Story

The Honeydown story began back in 2011 when we moved to Devon with the idea of starting a business that would allow us to live in this wonderful part of the UK. With amazing coast lines, woodland and moorland on our doorstep, we couldn't think of a nicer place to call home!


Glamping was becoming popular around the time. We loved the great outdoors, sustainable architecture, meeting new people and experiencing new places so the idea of creating a leisure break destination for like minded souls, that reflected these things seemed like the ideal business for us to start.  So we set about finding a perfect location to create a special experience for people.

After much searching, we came upon Honeydown woods by chance. A fortuitous chat with a local farmer, an oracle of neighbouring land knowledge! The minute we stepped underneath the oak covered canopy amongst a landscape peppered with hazel, ash, beech and willow we knew this was the place we'd been looking for. A truly magical place!


We knew what we wanted to achieve so the first step was to take the plunge and see if we could get planning permission to open the woodland up for guests. 

It was a steep learning curve and we invested many hours of work into it but after a three year planning application process, involving in depth habitat, ecology and tree surveys; and hours of meetings and discussions with various experts and officials, we were eventually granted planning permission to build several sustainable, low impact leisure homes inside the woodland.


Fondly known as Truffles, we locally manufactured and hand crafted a selection of sustainable timber domes and with an eye for privacy and seclusion, scattered them throughout the woodland.

With the help and support of a collective of skilled and wonderful friends, family and professionals we opened our gates in the Summer of 2021. And as our reviews attest, Honeydown and our Truffles have been a great success. Guests have been loving what we've created and we've been loving sharing Honeydown woods with our guests.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

John and Sarah

Owners and hosts of Honeydown

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